Most authorities seem to agree that to be aware of your own shadow is a sign of a beneficial legal matter like an inheritance or legacy. However, if the shadows were not your own, their meaning must be gleaned by correlating the other details of your dream. The shadow of a dead person is an indication of a temporary obstacle; the shadow of a living person is believed to be a warning against travel or unnecessary risks for a few week's time. Being a patient in a sanitarium is a sign that you should take better care of your health, but a dream of visiting someone else there suggests you are worrying needlessly. In either case, a medical checkup is likely to prove beneficial.

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There were three others in our group. This group owned a boat that was only used on land. It was very big and decorative.

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Mushrooms growing forecast the accumulation of wealth through intelligent speculation. Picking the mushrooms predicts prosperity and protection; eating them signifies an improvement in status due to influential contacts. Any smoothly running motor is an omen of solid progress, but if it gives any trouble or won't start, it suggests that a reassessment of your aims with an eye to change of direction might prove advantageous.

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Hi Mary, in the body of text in the article look under 'Death' and you will find your dream meaning is covered. Inoculation , though money may be short for now, you can be sure your creditors will by sympathetic and cooperative if you dreamed of being protected from disease by inoculation. If you want to email me with the details of your dream using the ‘Contact Author’ option I will send you photos of any relevant entries in the book. Sorry Rosalind, I am not a dream interpreter and can only quote from the book I reviewed here. I would recommend your try and find a copy for your home though, even though it is technically out of print.

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I believe everyone should have a copy in their household as it has always been incredibly accurate whenever I have referred to it after a particularly vivid dream. Making your own will signifies that your health worries are unfounded; if it's someone else's will, unexpected family problems will soon come to your attention. Although there is considerable variation among the oracles in regard to the meaning of this dream, a consensus seem to agree that it is a symbol of a Happy but brief interlude. Of course all the details must be correlated and the interpretation thereby modified. These creatures are a symbol of frustrated ambition due to hidden hostility.

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If your dream featured a striptease act of any kind, it suggests that you are contemplating some sort of indiscreet behavior; the price will be higher than you think possible, so avoid it. To dream of losing your footing on something slippery is a warning to be more selective about where you place your confidence. Telling the beads of a rosary is a sign of greater contentment than you have previously known. Whether you rode it yourself or saw someone else sitting on it, a rocking horse is a fortunate omen for your personal interests. If your dream concerned being more affluent than you actually are, it is, unfortunately, a contradictory omen that portends a protracted period of patience before your circumstances will improve. Winning a raffle is a straightforward omen of an upcoming lucky phase.

Whether you dreamed of being an idiot yourself, or of others who were so afflicted, it signifies success in all your undertakings through your own intelligent competence. A rusty hinge predicts difficulties in connection with family or personal affairs; a squeaky hinge signifies that you will have to combat some malicious gossip. Unlike tied hands, being handcuffed promises a release from worry. To see others handcuffed signifies security and protection, and to snap them on someone predicts an unexpected improvement in your lifestyle. To dream of being a member of a gang suggests a tendency to drift with the tide.